What Are the Causes of Toyota Corolla Steering Problems?

Toyota vehicles are known for their fuel efficiency, performance and reliability. However, the 2009 - 2010 Corolla and Corolla Matrix have presented documented problems with their power steering and related issues.


  • As of February 18, 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 168 owner complaints who had experienced power steering problems where the car's steering became loose or the vehicle drifted while driving at highway speeds.

Possible Causes

  • A loose wheel bearing or a worn wheel steering linkage can cause your Corolla's steering to become unresponsive or to feel loose while driving. Furthermore, veering or drifting can signal an improper alignment or a faulty shocks


  • Should you experience any steering difficulty while driving your Corolla or Corolla Matrix contact your Toyota Dealer Service department for proper diagnosis and repairs. If no remedy is available check with your dealer for service bulletins or recalls.