Audio Systems: Amplifier wiring kits, guage wire, dual amplifier

Hi, which do you think would be better to use with this amp
I have 2 Kicker S12L7's if that helps.
Thank you.

well I would say neither.  the amp has 4 guage connectors and both of these kits are 0 guage wire so they wont fit.  except for the 2nd kit does have a distribution block and does hand off 4 guage wire but this kit is for 2 amps and is very expensive.  I think you can get a kit that's just as good for alot less money.  If you are planning on adding a 2nd amp later the 2nd kit is ok but like I said, overpriced.

This is essentially the same kit without the battery terminals:

If you are planning on only having this 1 amp then this kit is a better match to fit your amp:

Let me know how it goes please.