Classic/Antique Car Repair: me again, accelerator engine, throttle linkage

thank you for your quick response. could you tell me if the line from the modular going to the carb was hooked to the wrong spot would prevent it from shifting properly.and what spot on the carb should it be hooked up to. sorry for not knowing a whole lot about them.

It just occurred to me that I didn't make it clear that you should also verify that the throttle linkage is set correctly. If the rod that controls the transmission upshift has fallen off or is wildly mis-adjusted, the transmission won't shift right or perhaps shift at all!

This is the rod that moves when you floor the accelerator - it moves a lever on the side of the transmission.  Have someone step on the accelerator (engine off!) while you watch the rod. It should move the transmission lever all the way to the internal stop at full throttle.