Mitsubishi Repair: rotor on 91 plymouth laser, plymouth laser, repair manuals

how i do take the rotor off of my 91 laser i already have the tire off and the brakes and the caliber off also but the rotor won't come off please help me????

Miles: You need to get yourself a repair manual for your car, as there is a lot of things that must be done in the right order to get the rotor off. The repair manual will have pictures and explain what you should do. Most parts stores will sell those repair manuals they cost around $20.00 and well worth the money. Haynes is the best one to get as they have less cars in each manual. There is just not enough space to write down everything you will need. And also with the manual if you run into trouble, you can look up what to do in it and work yourself through it. God bless: Linda