Nissan Repair: distributor problem, aling, nice thing

i tried putting on the old distributor on to the new engine block but does not go in and the screws don't aling what can i do i don't wont to buy a whole new engine plz help?
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ok i have a 94 nissan i bought a new 96 engine but the distributor is not the same as the 94 the 96 distributor has a module chip so it comes with two plugs i was hoeing it would be possible to wire up my old distributor plug to the newer on?

You might be able to cannabilize the old distributor parts and install them on the new vehicle.  Check out if the internal optics and such will fit.


If the distributor bottom is different and it will not fit you are going to have to take the parts off one and install them on the one that goes in the engine you currently ahve in the vehicle.  That means you are going to need to sit them side by side.  The nice thing is your old distributor only has one plug so the switch on the connection should be easy.  You just need to take them apart to see how the thing is wired inside.