Isuzu: Honda Passport/Isuzu Rodeo Starter Replace?, isuzu rodeo, honda passport

Help! My starter is on it's "last legs". I have a 3.2L V6 4wd Honda Passport (Isuzu Rodeo clone) and I hear "click" each time I turn the key. I used to be able to start it after a few clicks, now it takes several clicks to start. Now I think it's clicked out. Can a regular person change the starter? Can you give instructions on where the darn thing is? As if I were looking under the hood, would I see it? What tools would one need?
Any advice appreciated.

Hi Kristi,
If I were you I would let a pro do it. the only reason being that it can be very difficult to get back in sometimes. I am not definitely sure where your starter is, but it should be on the bottom right side of your motor.(looking under your hood from front of vehicle- bottom drivers side) I have changed many, many a starter in my days and the last one i did on my Isuzu trooper almost killed me. I striped out the main bolt holding in the starter, which meant hours upon hours of hard work. But, it is not impossible to do. you need a set of metric long-sockets, varried length extensions, and an extra pair of hands when putting back in.
Disconnect your battery, loosen bolts on starter, disconnect wires from starter, then look for any shims that might be present where the starter mounts flush. If there is a shim,shims, make note of exactly which way they are inserted. take out all bolts from starter- when you remove starter, pay close attention on which way it comes out so that you can put it back in the same way. most cases, it will only go back in that exact way. that is the hardest part- write down directions that u can understand to get it back in. to install, do these steps in return.
Looking for your starter- liftvehicle and block wheels, go under vehicle on drivers side, look up even with back side of front tire about 12 inches or so, you will see the starter with 2 wires mounted on it. the wires can be hidden on the top part of the starter.
I hope this helps you, I cannot think of any other way to describe it to you. any parts store can show you what it looks like and once you see one you've seen them all.
thanks, Derek