Tips on Buying Cars: zip of 43130; negotiating tips, interest thanks, dodge dakota


I have been reading your used buying tips with great interest. Thanks!

I am looking at a used 2005 Dodge Dakota truck. I am in Lancaster, Ohio, the dealer is near Richmond, Ind, 160 miles away. The truck has 5800 miles, one owner trade in.
I found the truck on, price of $15,995, NADA tradein is $12,475, retail is $14,850.

I can drive to dealer, etc. Should I just back away and forget because of distance? Do I start with trade in number and go up $150 from there?

I would put in contract about mechanic inspection and returning if not suitable inspection.

Just wanted get your feedback and any other suggestions.



Hi Doug

I did some study , is this the truck 1D7HE42K75S235958  ?

1) in contract about mechanic, your batting 100%, in other words should you make the deal subject to, then the next step is to locate someone within the area and get an inspection fee and clean bill of health all done on the same day, unless you want to make the drive twice, lol

2 ) as for seller being 160 miles away should you have issues is on the negative side.

3 ) as for negotiating, simply say you dont want to screw around, best price please, how to get that, read these 2 link on my website for a better understanding  " how you negotiate " and  " how dealer negotiates "  

 If your still not sure about what your doing feel free to contact me through my website with a phone #

  Good luck