Whats Car Insurance and Benefits?

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Car insurance is a protection for your car or vehicle that is obtained by paying a certain premium. By having insurance means you move the risk to the insurance company, so if you have a car damage due to accidents, the repair costs will be borne by your car insurance (Depending on the type of insurance you take)

Currently Insurance Profits

Surely you will benefit, because this is very important if you live in the great city that has a dense population, due to the rapidly growing number of vehicles. But basically we did not expect was involved in an accident or loss of car, but prepare the possibilities is important. Because that car insurance is helpful for you in this case

Type of Good Car Insurance

For those of you who do not understand very well about car insurance, I suggest grab car types All Risk insurance for this type of insurance will cover the cost of repairing any small car while type Total Lost only will cover if your car is lost or damaged up to 75%. All types of insurance generally Risk definitely more expensive than TLO, this is reasonable because the scope of protection too much different.