How to Remove a Rear Wheel on a Honda Shadow Sabre

The Honda Shadow Sabre is a tricked-out street bike with hot rod styling and real-world functionality. Built to appeal to your wilder side, the Sabre is one of Honda's more comfortable long-distance cruisers, with a dragster-style seat and swept-back handlebars. The Sabre also has a direct shaft final drive that may seem to make maintenance on the rear wheel difficult, but that's not always the case.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Bike stand or cement block
  • Hammer
  • Set the engine of the bike on the repair stand, or slide a cement block underneath it to provide support after you remove the wheel. Put the bike's transmission in neutral.

  • Use the socket wrench to loosen the axle nuts on either side of the rear swingarm. Unscrew one axle nut completely. Pound the axle out of the hub of the motorcycle with the hammer.

  • Slide the rear wheel straight back away from the drive shaft. The shaft will decouple automatically, and as long as the brakes are open, there should be nothing else holding the wheel on the bike at this point. Remove the rear wheel from the swingarm.