Auto Insurance Claims: I got hit by someone running red light in San Francisco. I got no insurance, nor registration. What do I do?, honda accord lx, honda accord

QUESTION: I got hit by a small SUV at a busy intersection in San Francisco, CA. It is obvious that he ran the red light and hit on my front passenger door when I moved forward after the light turn green. He hit me with 3-40mph speed. I am fine and my car still ran after the accident. But the passenger front door and the fender have a big dent. It make the door can't be fully opened.

Here's the important part. His car is rented by his wife. He is the only one in the car at the time of the accident. And I guess he is not suppose to drive it. He does not have insurance, but not sure if the car has. I don't have insurance either. And my car registration is suspended a few days ago because of no insurance. He gave me his name, CA driver license number, the rental car's license plate number, and his phone number. And I gave him my name and driver license number. He then saw the my car's license plate sticker and found out my car's registration is expired. So he said he is calling the police because I am not suppose to drive my car on the street. He clearly didn't know that I have no insurance. I told him I am OK to wait for police, and wait for him to call the police. But he didn't call police after a few minutes and asked me to call him. I was scared when he said calling the police. Because I don't know what's gonna happen when the police come even this is not my fault. So, we left at the same time, and no police came.

I called him after a few hours, and his phone is off. And I don't have much info from him. And I found that my driver license will be suspended for a year if I don't have insurance at the time of an accident. So, I guess it is not a good idea to report this accident to police and DMV? What can I do to get the most back in this kind of situation?

Also, I would like to know how much should I ask him for the damage if I can reach him. My car is 95 Honda Accord LX.

Please let me know what to do? I really need the money to fix the car as I am really broke...

I have no witness. But I am sure that many people saw this accident happen as it is a busy intersection.


I called that guy yesterday and he did picked up the phone. He admitted that was his fault. But when I asked for money to fix my car, he said he has no money right now. I didn't made a quote on fixing the car yet. So I asked for $700. He said he will have the money on 15th Oct. But then I asked for $350 next week, and the rest on 15th. He said he can't because of no money. Since I can't do anything for that, so I said I will wait.

How can he not have $350? They rented car to pick up the kid(His wife told me). He has a family. How can he not have $350? I am so frustrating right now.

And now I found out the cost to repair it about $2000. Which is much more than I thought. So, what do I do now? Should I call back to him, and what should I say to him?

ANSWER: At least you know how to contact the party at fault. whether you get anything or not is iffy, but he apparently knows you can't call the cops. I would send him certified mail demanding that he pay the cost of repair. Above all, you need a lawyer to step in on your behalf.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick answer.

He didn't know that I didn't have insurance at that time. And he wasn't sure if my registration is expired on not. He just didn't saw the sticker. And I don't have his address. He refused to give it to me on the phone since I didn't write it down right after the accident.

I already bought the insurance and getting back the registration on Monday. What is going to happen if I call the cops right now? What kind of trouble will I get into?


If you have his phone number you can do a reverse number search online to find his address. As far as the legal trouble you may get as a result of driving uninsured, that is a question you had better ask an attorney. I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.