Auto Insurance Claims: rear ended by a drunk driver, rental coverage, collision insurance

I was rear ended at a stop sign by a drunk driver. My car suffered a lot of damage. I contacted my insurance company, I carry comperhensive and collision insurance. Will my insurance company go after the drunk drivers insurance company to cover the cost of repair and towing and deductible for me. Also will they try to get a rental car for me? Will this affect my insurance rate? I was not given any tickets?

Yes, the liability carrier of the person that hit your car will reimburse your insurance company through a process known as subrogation. Once your company has recovered their losses in the claim, you will receive a check for your deductible.

Your rental coverage is subject to the limits in your policy. However, you may want to contact the liability carrier for the party at fault and request that they pay for the rental, which should cover the cost as long as it takes to repair your car.