Auto Insurance Claims: settlement check, settlement check, state bar association

I wanted to know if there is anyway of knowing if my attorney has received my settlement check, as I beleive that he has but is making me wait months from collecting money.  At arbritration the arbritationist stated that I should have my money with in a months time well it has been a few months and the lawyer keeps saying that my insurance is lousy so it takes them a long time to do anything is that true or after a release has been signed no matter how lousy the company should I have my money, nd if he does have my settlement what can I do about him

Hi Annie,
When you go through arbitration, both sides have agreed in advance to be fully bound by the decision of the arbitrator.
You can call the company that is obligated to pay to see when they issued the check, however, they might not be allowed to give you an answer since an Attorney is involved.  If this is the case, Your next step is to file a complaint with your State Bar Association.
I hope this has been of help.  Please write again if I can be of more assistance.
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San Francisco Bay Area 10-23-07 2:21 PM PST