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Car Alarms: 2004 toyota corolla - need to disarm/cancel the factory installed vehicle intrusion protection system, vehicle intrusion protection, intrusion protection system

QUESTION: I own a 2004 Toyota corolla LE. The Toyota Vehicle Intrusion Protection (TVIP) system started sounding an alarm when I put the key in ignition to start the car. During this time the hazard lights, lights inside the car and the lights of the dashboard panel were flashing. When the beeping all lights stop flashing except the TVIP (red light) which flashes continuously and very quickly. When the sound alarm stops there is a single chirp at the end. The alarm does not sound when I unlock the car, but only when I put the key in ignition to start the car. My car does not have a remote transmitter, so I lock/unlock/start the car using my key. I have tried to follow the instructions in the Toyota user manual to cancel the TVIP but to no avail. I found one answer on your website for a 1999 corolla about a toggle switch under the dash to try to disarm the system. I am unable to find this in my car. Do I need to remove the glove compartment to find this key? How do I disarm the TVIP? Please help, and thank you in advance!

ANSWER: This sounds a bit fishy. :>/


I need to determine whether it's a factory alarm
issue or, if it's an aftermarket system you are
dealing with.

Ok let's clear up the terminology glitch here.

1. FACTORY/OEM alarm = Part of the original schematics
and plans from the manufacturer.
(horn honk, head lights flash, Starter may crank and
die, no spark)

2. DEALER INSTALLED alarm = Just that. Once the vehicle
is brought to a dealer, the dealer sub contracts the after market
security out.
(horn might honk, siren and parking lights flash, starter kill relya,
no start, no crank, just dead.)

3. AFTER MARKET alarm: Same as #2 but Customer IS AWARE that
the system was put in at the dealership, but may not
be informed of the brand name, or even what it's
total capabilities are.
(siren & parking lights flash, starter kill)

Which one applies to yours?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello! From your description, I definitely think that I have a DEALER INSTALLED alarm - horn honks, siren and parking lights flash, starter kill relay,no start, no crank, just dead

Ok, an installer would place the velet switch in a semi
hidden area. I'd look under the dash area
for a button or, a toggle switch. When you locate it,
turn on the ignition key, press and hold in the
button (little spring loaded micro button, red or
black possibly), until the alarm chirps 1 time.
This should over ride the system, and only the
keyless entry part, if installed, would still be

The LED (light emiting diode) light in the dash
should also go on solid.=VALET/OVERIDE

This stops the alarm except for the keyless
entry if installed. Once in Valet mode,
it will allow the car to start and operate
like there was no alarm at all.

The next step is if wanting to remove it,
you contact a local technician to
locate it, and affect neccesary service
for you.

That should solve the troubles.

Let me know what you discover.