Dodge Repair: 1996 Intrepid: programming new key fob, power door locks, dodge repair

traction control plug
traction control plug  
QUESTION: Hi Roland,  if you remember me from all my questions /i have finally gotten the fob we discussed.  Attached are pictures of the connection for the traction control that you noted and so I am ready to get the information to program it so I can get my kids car back on the road

ANSWER: Hi Randy,
Here is the procedure:
The traction plug should be unconnected from its usual position.
Turn the ignition switch to the 'run' position.
Connect a jumper between the black wire on pin 1 and the dark green wire on pin 4 of the traction plug.
The power door locks should lock then unlock as an indication that the module is ready to program the new fob.
Press any button on the new key fob (battery(s) has to be installed in it already).
The power locks will cycle again indicating it has programmed the fob.
Disconnect the jumper.
That should do it.
I hope this works out for you and the kid.
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QUESTION: Roland,  on the plug that goes into the traction control switch on the dash (which is what I am assuming you are talking about) there are only 3 wires.  Colors are black, orange with red stripe, and an orange one.


ANSWER: That is interesting...something had changed by '96.
I am working with the '94 manual having assumed it was applicable to your '96. It shows the very top-most unit in the center stack to be one with the traction control connector/switch.
It has 6 pins (2x3 array) of which 4 are in use, and it at the left-hand end of the bezel opening. Now if that has been re-wired since '94 then I am unable to suggest what to do except to locate the remote keyless entry module which in the '94 is located under the top pad that runs across the full width of the dash and is on the passenger side on a structural duct. Pin 5 of the black plug (there are 2 8-pin plugs) is the dark green programming wire and you could jump to pin 4 where there is the black ground wire.
The next manual I have is for '98 and in that one the keyless module is now part of the body computer and with that set up new fogs have to be programmed with a diagnostic readout box or by already having a working fob to access the module.
So see whether or not you have the remote module under the top pad of the dash.
Please let me know what you find.
PS By 98 the traction control switch was still different from what you describe, so I suspect that the one you found has nothing to do with connecting to the key fob module.

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QUESTION: Roland,  the remote keyless module you are noting is the one that is in the upper dash by the windshield on the passengers side correct?
Also,  would any black wire on this plug be a ground?

Could you use the plug for diagonistics that is by the right knee of the divers side?

Hi Randy,
If the module has two plugs each with 8 pins then that is the module. The blue plug has 2 wires, and the black plug has 8 wires. The dark green wire on pin 5 and the black wire on pin 4 are the ones to jump together. This is what my '94 manual shows. Black wires are always grounds.
The 16 pin plug under the dash is indeed for plugging in a diagnostic readout box. You should also be able to get the two-digit obd I codes by turning the ignition key on-off-on-off-on and leave on in 5 seconds or less, then watch the check engine light, which remains on, to start to flash, pause, flash, etc. Count the flashes before each pause. Then repeat to be sure of an accurate count.
I hope the remote will now be programmed for you.
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