Honda Repair: 95 honda Civic EX, apprentice mechanic, honda civic ex

Can you give me any insight as to why ANY vehicle would sputter and act choked up on hard acceleration opposed to functioning normal on light acceleration. Cleaned the Throttle body. cleaned out the IAC. I was an apprentice mechanic for 2 years doing everything from top to bottom but for some reason im not finding any useful information from anyone. EVEN if your information is wrong i would really like to know where you think i should start looking next. Without Shopkey or being able to look up TSB's im at a loss for where to look next.

There are a number of reasons that I have seen for this type of problem. First of all a lot of tune up items can cause this. Plugs, cap, rotor, etc. If it's been a while since you've had a tune up it might be a good time.

Another thing that I've seen is a fuel pump that is weak that isn't putting out enough fuel pressure or volume. Sometimes even a fuel filter can cause this.

Sometimes a plugged cat can cause things like this.

Also, the fuel injectors can also cause this type of problem. The only way to get them clean is to take them out and have them injector cleaner that you put in your tank...these are all scams.