Tips on Buying Cars: Left Hand and Right Hand Driving - ( Regarding 4 Wheeler Automobiles), wheel brakes, left hand drive

Dear Don

This is regarding Left Hand and Right Hand Driving.

As we see most of the countries, follow the Right Hand Drive.
i.e In 4 Wheelers like cars, trucks, lorries, Buses etc the Steering wheel design of the vehicle is on the right side so that the driver sits on the right hand side, does a overtake of another vehicle from the right hand side. But there are also few countries which follow the left hand drive method.

There are four queries from my side.

1. In both the cases, the traffic signs will be same, or will there be some traffic sign posts which will be different ?. Traffic signposts for examples : U-turn, Zebra crossing, No Parking zone, silence zone, steep curve ahead etc.
2. Which in these some countries do they follow the left hand drive method ? Do you feel the right hand drive method should be standardized i.e common throughout the world i.e in all countries ?
3. Apart from Right Hand Steering wheel , brakes, clutches, gears, accelerator placement for the right hand drive vehicle and Left Hand Steering wheel , brakes, clutches, gears, accelerator parts placement for the Left hand drive vehicle what are the
other changes in Vehicle Design ?. i.e Will there be changes also in Motor engine placement area , battery placement area, fuels storage area etc ?
4.Will the cost of a left hand and right hand drive vehicle different ?

Awaiting your inputs,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Prashant:My personal opinion about this subject seems more on level on driving habits in the world.Since I live in the USA,the cars that driven here are right handed,some left handed car do appear.If I was to drive overseas,I would drive according the left handed laws.Same goes right handed drivers.And far as engine placement,and other issues I don't know.As far cost being different,it really depends on car you select.Frankly I guess I'm lucky not be concerned these issues.If this subject concerns you:are you a left or right driver?In the end,it really does not matter.Thanks for querry.Don