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Top 4 Biodiesel Companies to Watch

With biofuels increasingly making their stamp on the international market, biodiesel companies are watching out for potential share prices that will offer them high premium returns. Just like back in the early 1980s when a tiny company called Intel sold their shares on the stock market for $6 and have now become an international player in the shares division, biofuel companies are  following in the same footsteps.

1 - Imperium

While Imperium is primarily a young company, it has reported net losses of $2.8 million in its first quarter. Cleantech Group has still recommended that this biodiesel company has the potential to create a huge benchmark for companies to follow. The company has sent a clear message to venture capitalists that they mean business, despite their short history. The $740 million which has been spent into the biofuel industry in the last year has shown that investors are serious about sustainable energy. They plan to go public on the IPO to raise $240 million and build biodiesel plants in Argentina, Hawaii and one further plant which has yet to be disclosed (but reported to be somewhere on the East Coast). Their plan is to trade on the Nasdaq index under the ticker of IMPR, and if it is a success it will raise up to $345 million.

2 - ConocoPhilips

Meanwhile, ConocoPhilips has apparently also entered a joint venture with Tyson Foods. They plan to build a site which has the potential to produce up to 175 million gallons of biodiesel every year. ConocoPhilips is a well establish operation in the fuel industry. This will bode well for their future biodiesel stocks when trading as a biodiesel producer.

3 - Chevron

Another well known name in the fuel industry, Chevron is now branching out into the world of bio-fuels. Most oil companies will be considering the move to renewable and sustainable fuels as the pressure increases to produce less fossil fuel based energy. Chevron is also following suit and has recently bought a stake in Galveston Bay Biodiesel in order to effect a more smooth transition from fossil fuel to renewable.

4 - BP

Not everyone's favorite oil company right now, but definitely one to watch. Not such because they are already a well established petrochemical company, but more for the reasons of how they plan to save the environment disaster that they have been responsible for recently. How BP responds to the challenge it has been set by the Gulf of Mexico pipeline disaster will very probably determine its future reputation in the oil business. All eyes are on the Gulf at this time. If BP has further questions to answer as to its environmental responsibilities, it will be closely watched to see how it represents itself and deals efficiently with repairs and compensation. In order to maintain its past good name it will have some very serious reparation to undertake. Share prices have dropped considerably in the last few weeks and will continue to do so until the cleanup and repair operation is well in hand. They do, however, set a standard in the industry, so keep an eye on them for their approach to dealing with current issues and how they choose to move forward in the biodiesel production industry.