2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan and Coupe

2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan and Coupe 2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan and Coupe


The Infiniti G37 sedan and coupe may sit at the bottom of Infiniti’s lineup, but they are the most entertaining of all the company’s models. Serious horsepower, refined manners, and excellent handling make the G37 sedan and coupe strong players in their segments. Larger than their German competition from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the Infinitis also offer more standard horsepower than the Europeans. The rear-drive chassis, closely related to Nissan’s 370Z sports car, offers responsive and entertaining handling that will impress even the most die-hard sports-car enthusiast. For those who suffer through harsh winters, the G37x (both coupe and sedan) adds all-wheel drive.

The current G sedan was redesigned for 2007, and the G37 coupe was revamped for 2008. Formerly known as the G35, the G37 sedan was born when it acquired the two-door’s larger and more powerful 3.7-liter engine for 2009. The only engine available in the G lineup, the 3.7-liter V-6 makes 328 hp in the sedan and 330 hp in the coupe. We’ve previously complained that the V-6 groans when strained and sends bad vibes through the shifter and pedals, but various tweaks have largely cured the big V-6 of its coarse nature. Acceleration is brisk with the six-speed manual or the new seven-speed automatic gearbox. Although the V-6 will happily rev to its 7600-rpm redline, the torque of the V-6 makes it just as content to loaf along at lower engine speeds.

Inside, both G37 models include leather seats and a handsome interior that uses superb high-quality materials. The coupe and the sedan have a sports-car-like seating position that reflects their sporting ambitions. Rear-seat comfort and space in the four-door are excellent, but the coupe’s low-slung roofline reduces rear-seat space significantly, as you might expect.

Although the G fell off our 10Best Cars list for 2008, the powertrain revisions and the increased refinement helped the model earn a spot on our 2009 10Best roster. In a comparison test, the 2008 G35 sedan placed second behind a BMW 328i and ahead of a Cadillac CTS and Mercedes-Benz C-class. The updated G37 is an even stronger contender.


The G37 coupe and sedan offer exceptional value, a refined and sporting driving experience, and more interior space than their German competition. Although the Infiniti can’t quite measure up to the dynamic grace of the best-in-class BMW 3-series, the G37 offers BMW 335i performance at a 328i price.

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What’s New for 2009

For 2009, the G sedan and coupe get a new seven-speed automatic that replaces a five-speed automatic. Sedan versions get a more-powerful 328-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 and a host of powertrain revisions intended to improve refinement. All models have more standard equipment for ’09, and the larger brakes from the coupe debut on rear-wheel-drive Sport and Sport-package-equipped versions of the G37 sedan. A convertible version of the G37 coupe is new for 2009 as well; it will go on sale early next year.

Highlights and Recommendations

The G37 sedan has four trim levels, from the well-equipped $34,000 base version to the $36,500 G37x, which has all-wheel drive. Enthusiasts will gravitate toward the Sport trim level, which brings a manual transmission, a firmer chassis with larger wheels, and the coupe’s beefier brakes—all of which add up to even sharper performance.

With the exception of the Sport trim level, all G37 sedans come standard with the new seven-speed automatic. Most buyers will be satisfied with the base version or the more luxuriously equipped Journey trim level. Coupe versions command premiums of about $3000 over their four-door counterparts, and coupe trim levels mirror those of the G37 sedan. The coupe’s swoopy looks are attractive, but we’d find it hard to pass up the practicality and cost saving of the sedan model.


Dual front airbags, front-seat-mounted side-impact airbags, curtain airbags, front-seatbelt pretensioners, front-seat active head restraints, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and tire-pressure monitoring are standard across the entire G37 range.