Where Is the Fuel Pump Relay on a 1987 Ford Ranger 2.9L Truck Located?

The 1987 Ranger's fuel pump relay powers up the fuel line during the vehicle ignition process. If and when the relay cannot send a required amount of voltage to the Ford's fuel pump, you must replace the relay.


  • Examine under the hood of the Ranger, focusing on the passenger's side. The fuel pump relay sits on the front side of the shock tower, mounted on the inner fender above the fender wall. A small black box the fuel pump relay resembles a wall cell phone charger with small coils on one of the relay's sides that plug into the fuel pump.


  • An important part of the engine control module's operation, the fuel pump relay supplies electricity to the fuel pump as needed. Used when a driver turns the key in the ignition to crank a vehicle in the "start cycle" and in the "shut down cycle" of a vehicle, the fuel pump relay powers the fuel pump up and down when the engine turns on or off.


  • If your Ranger requires a lengthy period to start up, replacing the existing fuel pump relay for a new one may increase the chances of the fuel pump starting more efficiently. The fuel pump relay may not always be the cause of a Ranger not starting; have the truck examined by a licensed mechanic if possible. If a new fuel pump relay does not improve your Ranger's start cycle, you may need to replace it.