Auto body repair & detailing: body work, volvo 960, work question

QUESTION: I'll get right to the point. i need to know if it is possible to mend back the actual bumper on a 92 Volvo 960? The damage is to the front passenger side. The car hood is a little pushed in and also down over the left head light. the impact did not push the hood up example:( ^ ) just very little. the problem I m having is popping the up. it releases fine, it feels like its hooked on to something under the engine. Prior to the accident i was working on the engine now i cant finish. Desperately need to get it open. If the hoods not open i cannot undo the left damaged fender. Any ideas or special tools i need??? I do not want ruin engine getting hood open or end up replacing the hood.

ANSWER:  The hood is probably pushed back over the hinge safety catch. Most all your cars built past the 60s have safety catch on the hood or the hinge to prevent the hood from going through the windshield in the event of a front end collision. The hood needs to be pulled forward past the safety stop in order to get it open.

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QUESTION: Thanks that great info. Now i have one more question before i try. how much man power does it require? i can figure that out LOL. the bumper is pushed in not a dent but a smooth bend. What tools or procedure must i do to pull it back to normal alignment? the bend is slight but noticeable when bumper cover is in place. What is the possibility the car the frame is tweaked.THe front passenger door is just a little off. The chrome black rubber center door lining had to be unplugged one hole in order to open door with out causing passenger front fender panel damage. Please help me again. YOUR THE BEST THANKS!!!

ANSWER:  It sounds like the sheet metal is knocked back a little. You will need to tie down the car to something solid, a tree, another heavy car, or preferably a frame machine. You just need a light pull on the corner to relieve pressure. A come long or fence stretcher to pull with should do the trick. Be careful where you hook on to as to not do more damage. Do not hook onto suspension parts. Make your pull as close to the point of impact as possible.

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QUESTION: My bumper could also use a little touch up. I have a 2"1/2 width hole by maybe 10" in length right under the right signal and head light. i was thinking maybe a bumper patch kit, screen, or thin piece of sheet metal premiered and painted to set a anti rust foundation. Then after attaching touching up the rest with bondo? How would i also bend back the corner of the hood above the signal and headlight? how would i go along straighten the ^ in the hood. its not as drastic as the symbol. you cant really notice it driving the car unless your looking from the front or passenger side. to add to my problem the fender needs to be aligned to fix the 1" space between hood and fender. I'm going to start with hopefully opening the hood finish my tune up looks can wait... and then see what else is damaged on the inside for instance i need a new head lamp cover possible bracket new right signal cover and bracket. is it okay to drill in to fender an pull out the indent caused in the corner very carefully or is there another way? sorry for bombarding you with question i am not very familiar with body work. thanks for all your help. very much appreciated.

 You might need to replace some of these parts. You can take a short 2X4, about 18" long and place it on the high spot on the hood next to the edge. Light pound with a medium weight hammer until the hood is straight. You might try the same thing on the fender close up the gap between the hood.