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QUESTION: my timing belt slipped on my 1993 eclipse 1.8 sohc wondering when i put the new one on how would i know if i have everything inline

ANSWER: Daniel,
There is no great way to make sure everything is still lined up.  If the belt simply slipped a bit and did not fully break, then there's a good chance the engine is still somewhat in line.  Once you get the new belt on, there will definitely be adjustments needed, but it shouldn't cause any problems.  If the engine isn't in line at all when you install the new belt, it won't start at all.
Good luck!

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QUESTION: how do i put the new belt in time i know there are stamp marks on the timing gears just need to know which direction the both should be pointing

There are markings on the gears that correspond with marks on the engine block itself.  Those markings can be hard to see your engine is particularly dirty.  Once the belt is on, you should be able to turn the crankshaft in a clockwise direction (put the tranny in neutral) and all the timing marks should line up within 6 turns.  If you remove your spark plugs before turning the crank, it'll make it easier.  

If when turning, you cannot make complete rotations without hearing metal on metal or experiencing immobile resistance, then your timing gears are not inline.
Good luck!