Volkswagen: Reverse help!!, porsche spyder replica, replica car

I just got a 550 Porsche Spyder replica car and it has the old Porsche/VW transmission style.  I have never driven a Volkswagon and therefore Im having a heck of a time correctly putting the car in reverse.  I actually got it *stuck* in reverse and had to have a mechanic *reset* everything :(  can you tell me the proper way and the proper pressure to be doing this? I am told by the builder it should be EASY to do but I keep grabbing second gear instead of reverse.  The car is brand new, no used or old parts and has a Ranchero transmission.  Any help for me is greatly appreciated.


Danielle,  Try this:
- Push and hold the clutch during this entire procedure.
- Start the engine.
- Select neutral, it should wiggle freely from side to side.
- Pull it to the LEFT and hold.
- While still holding to the left, push DOWN, like you are trying push the stick into the floor.
- Pull to the LEFT some more.
- Pull straight BACK, like going into second.
- Let off the clutch slowly; you should be going in REVERSE.

You can buy a shift knob to help remind you:

If this does not work, you may actually have transmission issues.