Tips on Buying Cars: 2001 olds. bravada 2wheel drive

This car is fully loaded leather interior 1small tear on side of rear bumper.  Has 119347 miles what is it worth

Tips on Buying Cars: 2001 olds. bravada 2wheel drive

Tips on Buying Cars: 2001 olds. bravada 2wheel drive

Sorry to take so long to get back to you ... hopefully I'm not too late to save you from this car!

The Oldsmobile Bravado is truly a hideous SUV (in my opinion) I have yet to see one that didn't look cheap and edgy. This vehicle depreciates as quickly as any I've ever seen... But this is been my experience they don't sell well at all and I would never buy one for my inventory regardless of how cheap it was. Lastly, I don't think you could buy this in a to will drive in 2001 I think it must be an all-wheel-drive.

But the question you asked me was not what I thought about it, you asked me how much it was worth... And here is the answer:

1. The Wholesale Blue Book Value is $3,841.00 and the retail book is $7163.00 and average to good condition and has a trade-in value for just over $3000 at $3083.00 and its auction value is $3114.00  (photo #1)

2. The Mannheim Market Report that will give us the real market value because it bases its valuations on only identical vehicles that sold at auction in the last 60 days making their information not only relevant but current. The MMR says that this exact vehicle, in above average condition with only 80,000 miles sold at auction for $1826.00, this exam exact car with 130,000 miles in average condition sold at auction in the last 60 days for $1217.00 and it auctioned with 180,000 miles and below-average condition for $609.00...the closest one in terms of mileage was one that just auctioned with 109,000 miles that sold for $1400.00 (photo #2)

Jason if you can buy that car for $1500 or less then walkaway... that's my advice that you didn't ask me for. even so that prices $700 to a 1000 more than I would pay for it.

I have also met people that really enjoy these vehicles so don't let me rain on your personal e-mail is feel free to ask as many follow-up questions as you want I will hang with you through this car any other cars you want to know about and I will even walk you through the process while you are buying a car if you want me to

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