Tips on Buying Cars: New car problem!!! Advice needed!!

I just bought a 2016 Ford Focus titanium which I very much like... I researched it, and did a short test drive. the dealer who had the car is an hour away. si driving the car home I noticed my back didn't feel so great.... And thought I would just need to adjust the seat. week it's second day drive an hour to work and no matter how I adjust the seat, my back is in pain. I am home now in tears from the pain and I've never ever had a back problem in my life. this is a sporty seat with high back and very cushioned on the sides... so I thought I would get better support than the lesser model I owned for 3 years (Focus SE 2014)... I can't live like this and want to reverse the deal. What are my options? Dealer said to come in that maybe the seat is defective. I honestly feel it's a case of seat just not fitting my small frame properly. The thought of driving every day which I do for my business is making my stomach turn. I'm in severe pain! What are my rights legally, if any? They still have the car I turned in which was leased. And that old bird is looking really good to me right now. Is there any kind of law that would be in my favor to return the car? I live in Florida. And I can't afford to  the $3-5K I would lose by selling myself or trading in for something different. I'm so upset. Any advice welcome. Thank you.

I am sorry you are in such a predicament.  The dealer probably isn't liable at all under the law, if at all it would be Ford Motor Company. If you were going to go after the dealer legally, you would have had to stop putting mileage on the vehicle right away. I am not an attorney but I have never heard of a dealer having to take back a car for the seat not fitting as well as the customer wants.  
My advice would be to go to the dealer and see if they will replace the seat or at least make sure it isn't defective.  
Another good idea would be to go to an upholstery shop and see if they can build up the seat to a way you like.  You would have to pay for it, probably, but if it works, it would be good.  Another idea is to stop talking with the employees at the dealership and speak with the owner of the store if you haven't already.  Get the owners name and call him.  Owners of dealerships care, most of all, about public opinion so he, or she, may have an idea as well.  I wish I could help more but that is about all I can suggest.