Chrysler Repair: interior lights, 1994 chrysler concorde, chrysler concorde

I have a 1994 Chrysler Concorde V6 3.3 and am having trouble with the interior lights staying on. I had just replaced fuel pump and reconnected everything, then jump started the car. Once the car had run enough I shut the car off and went inside. When I returned 30min later the  interior lights were on. Fearing the Battery may have died again I started the car and shortly turned it back off. Approx 7 seconds later the interior lights came on. I repeated starting and shutting off the car with the same results each time the lights go off when I turn the the key prior to starting. Also each and every time the ignition is turned on there is a humming sound from the dash that I hear as well as the sound of the dash fans for the heat/ac.

Hi Jonathan,
The three of the four ignition key circuits, that operate when the car is running, also will of course be activated when you turn the key to the 'run' position. You might also notice that the fuel pump does also run for about 1 second and then is cut off unless you then try the starter and successfully have the engine running (this is the safety cut off feature of the autoshutdown relay at work). So I am not surprised that you hear sounds when you first turn the key to run. The interior lights however are available to be illuminated no matter where the ignition key is positioned. The circuit is not dependent upon the ignition switch but will operate if you open a door or dial for interior lights via the headlamp switch.
I suspect that your problem is that one of the doors, probably the driver door, is not latched tightly enough to disconnect the door illumination switch. Try pushing outward on all 4 door from the inside of the car to see whether simply doing that turns on the lights. Then adjust the latch striker located in the door frame for that door inboard a fraction of an inch to improve the push-botton action of the door illumination switch in controlling whether or not the lights come on. It could be that it is so 'right on the edge' of falsely believing that the door is open that starting the engine (or stopping the engine) flexes the door/body interface so as to falsely affect the interior light switch in the specific door that is not fully pressed against the body by the latch adjustment.
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