Volkswagen: 74 Super Ignition switch, buzzer circuit, awg wire

QUESTION: Hi Rick, Thanks for all the help on my previous questions. I want to get rid of the ignition switch altogether and install a push button starter along with a toggle switch for the dash gauges. What wires should I connect to the starter button and the toggle switch(S) to make them function. The current key and switch arrangement is more trouble than it's worth because a previous owner tore it to pieces extracting the key cylinder and switch. So I need to take the wires from the ignition switch and route them to the starter button and toggles.

ANSWER: Douglas,
 This is how I would do it (DISCONNECT THE BATTERY FIRST!):
1) Get a SP/ST toggle switch.  (Radio Shack) RS 275-027 would be a nice choice if you'd like a lighted one.
2) Get a momentary contact switch.  RS 275-1566 will work, but you'll need to solder it.
3) Decide where you will mount them so you can figure out the wire lengths to follow.
4) Remove the connector from the back of ignition switch.
5) Cut the solid RED wire (pin 30) from the connector.  This is the main power feed to the ignition circuit.
6) Splice the RED wire to one side of the SP/ST switch.  Use an additional length of wire, at least 12 AWG, if required.  If you use the RS 275-027 switch, you will need to crimp on a terminal lug, like RS 64-3135, then plug it in.
7) Cut the rest of the wires from the connector.  The BLACK (pin 15) is the power to the ignition (coil, engine).  The BLACK/YELLOW (pin X) is for the lighting circuits.  The GREY/BLACK (pin SU) is the buzzer circuit.
8) Get an additional length 16 AWG wire (this will be the supply power for the MOMENTARY contact switch) and connect it, along with the BLACK and BLACK/YELLOW removed in the step above, to the other side of the SP/ST switch.  You may want to strip, twist and crimp them together first with another terminal lug, then you can plug them in as one unit.  Connect the GREY/BLACK wire to this same bundle only if you still want the buzzer.
9) Connect the additional wire just connected to the SP/ST switch to one side of the MOMENTARY switch.
10) Now, because the existing circuit to the starter runs through the seat belt safety circuit, I would just run a completely new 16 AWG wire from the other contact on the MOMENTARY switch directly to the starter solenoid.  Use the appropriate terminal lug, like RS 64-045.

 When you are done, reconnect the battery, flip the switch to turn on the ignition, push the button to kick the starter. I have done something similar to this for my wife's VW Type 181 "The Thing", and we like it. This mod keeps the same fuse circuits intact.  

Of course you realize this opens you up to easy theft, unless you mount the switches in a clever, obscure location.

I hope I covered it all.  Please let me know if you need anything else.
- Rick

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I've got everything covered as you describe, but I am not sure where the LED lug gets wired to. I think it probably goes to ground, but just not sure. Can you go into some detail on wiring the toggle switch LED lug?

 This is your choice.  Some suggestions:
- To the SWITCHED side contact of the same switch (opposite the contact with the RED primary power wire.)  This will light the LED when you turn ON the switch.
- To fuse block, headlight circuit, so it only lights at night.