Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc.): 21 hp briggs 407777, hp briggs, lawn tractors

ive got a craftsman lt 1000 with the briggs 407777 motor on it  i had to pull the bottom of the motor to replace the seal and when i got every thing back together or at least i thought i had and started it it ran away could not control the speed at all. im wondering if i got something messed up with the throttle /gov control is there any way that you can put a picture of what that is supposed to look like i dont know if i have the two springs in the right places?

Robert, I don't have a picture of that model that shows a assembled governor control. I just have a parts break down. Assuming the throttle cable is correctly adjusted, I would assume your correct in thinking it is the governor springs or linkage. I know this is a little too late but in the future try what I do take a digital picture of the linkages or so forth before disassembly, then you can down load it and zoom in and use it for reference.  Try going to this discussion site for tractors and mowers.
Ask if anyone there has the same model engine, and would be so kind as to email you a picture of their governor set-up. I don't have one now in my shop.......Tom