Isuzu: Replace CV joints, cv joints, cv boots

I have a 97 Honda Passport/ Isuzu Rodeo. One of the CV boots is torn, the inside one on the drivers side, the outer boot is ready to go anytime. I have both replacement boots, I got ready to replace it and the Book tells me to drop the whole front end to replace the axles.  I was thinking that all I need to do is replace the boots. So instead of pulling the front end why not just pull the steering pins (ball joints, 2 nuts) attached to the rotor and tie rod out of the way. Then remove the axle by pulling off the old boot and the snap ring inside the inner CV joint and pull out the axle. Then I could slide the new boot(s) on the axle.  This looks much easyer to do. Nothing in the book tells me I can do it this way. Would this work? What problems could I experience trying this?  Thanks, JZ

Hi there, You can do it that way but it is not recommended. You will have problems re-installing everything back together. It is possible but it will require 2 sets of hands. And, ity will not last! It is much easier to tear it down and replace the shafts. Most auto parts store have a lifetime warranty on new cv's.
Good luck,