Tips on Buying Cars: New Car, obama, government printing

I am looking to buy a 2013 Mazda3i SV and their price and all the research I have done seems their price is good for me. I tried to get them to drop the price more but they said it was at the lowest price. They do not know if I am going to finance it or pay cash. If I have the cash is it smarter to pay for it all at once? Thanks


Tips on Buying Cars: New Car, obama, government printing
car guy  
Hi David,

What I would do if I had the cash in the bank is I would finance the car because if you let them finance it through Mazda Financial ...Mazda's Captive Bank you get an additional $500.00 rebate!! Then as soon as you roll out of the dealership and wait about 7 days you can call Mazda Financial and get the payoff and THEN pay it off. Personally with rates as low as they are right now and with no where to go but up and with the government printing 86 billion dollars a MONTH and using it to pay our bills (Meaning inflation is getting ready to explode no matter what the corrupt Obama administration does to hide it ...I would finance the car and take my money and buy silver which is currently under $20.00 an oz and win on both ends...but that should not be construed as investment advice ...just telling you what i would do.

I just looked a little deeper and Mazda Financial is currently offering 0% financing for 5 years AND .9% financing on 72 months on the model you are thinking about buying. The rebate being offered in lieu of this rate is only $1,500.00 ...I would finance this car ...take the rate (you will still get the $500.00 bonus rebate for financing with Mazda) and then I wouldn't pay it off even one day early  lol