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Volkswagen: 03 VW Passat Rearview mirror., mirror question, vw passat

QUESTION: My car was bought used and before I took possesion of it the windshield had to be replaced due to a crack in the original one.  An aftermarket windshield was used as a replacement.  I am having problems with the rearview mirror falling off and dangling by the wires in it.  After many different attempts to fix it including having a local body shop order a new mirror and having a glass company attach it, nothing has worked.  They now say the problem is the fact that it is an aftermarket windshield and not original equipement.  Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

ANSWER: Patrick,
 I do not believe the windshield is the issue.   The tricks are:
- Clean the windshield mounting point VERY well.  Also the mirror mount, especially if is being reused.  Use a NEW straight razor to scrape, then isopropyl alcohol.
- Use a quality adhesive, like JB Weld "Mirror Weld" which it's a 2 part product with accelerant.
- Follow the directions closely.
- Allow plenty of cure time; more in cooler conditions.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Rick for your quick response.  My other issue is that being a rain-sensing windshield, would the same fix apply?  The windhshield as it is has nothing for the mirror to attach to only a black circle that looks to be basically like a sticker on the glass.  The mirror part from where it attaches is recessed into the housing of the mirror itself.  I have glued it twice before with success but the last time I tried the glue seemed to not set possibly due to the cold temperatures and possibly because I was using a basic crazy glue.  The body shop said gluing it myself will interfere with the workings of the rain sensor which personally I don't really mind but I just want to attach the mirror as cheap as possible.  I will attach a picture so you can see what I'm talking about.  Thanks for your help.

 It doesn't look like the mount is removable from the mirror itself, like on many other models.  So whatever you use, you'll have to find a way to hold the piece in place while the adhesive cures.
 I would try an epoxy, here's a few examples: