Tips on Buying Cars: Contract signed but did not leave with car.

Hello, At a dealership, I signed a contract and left with my old car while they were getting the car ready. I reviewed the paperwork and noticed the numbers had changed from what we talked about. Mainly the warranty went from 1800 to 3100. I called them and said I do not want the car now. I don't have a good taste in my mouth about this company. I gave them 500.00 down on my credit card. I told them I want my money back and do not want their car. It was less than an hour of signing that I discovered I signed an agreement with higher numbers and called them and informed them to cancel. Since no goods were exchanged and I kept my car and never took their car, can I get out of the contract?

Wow ... Yes you are correct ... There is no contract until you drive your new car off the property. On top of that they need to give you your $500.00 back. Asap. What they were doing was just trying to take you off the market by making you feel like an owner without actually having the stones to put you out in their car while they tried to get a bank to buy the deal. Chances are the banks that looked at your car deal will do a good job of taking most of the love (profit) out of the deal for you.

It's a classic dilatory practice used car dealers engage in to buy themselves enough time to cover up the fact that they aren't very competent OR maybe you live in a state that doesn't think highly of spot delivering cars because of the potential of having to reel them back in later.

Keep me posted as this drama unfolds and feel free to ask as many follow up questions as you need until we get you through this and never forget to read everything you are asked to sign

Car Guy