Motorcycle Repair: 88ci to 95ci, vance and hines exhaust, petcock

QUESTION: I am wanting do get better performance out of my 2000 FLHTC (carb) bike, I was looking into a 95ci. What do you suggest I do to it and what products and parts do I need?

ANSWER: Are you planning on changing the cams and exhaust?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I already have a 2 into 1 vance and hines exhaust and pigel petcock and a yost kit in the stock carb. Yes cams and heads and pistons

I would start by changing hte cams out for the gear dirven cams. Then you dont have to worry about the rub blocks anymore. I would go with the S&S 570 cam. I would stick with the S&S heads. On the carb, I would install a S&S carb. It flows alot better than a stock carb. If you look at S&S web site they have complete kits for what you are wanting to do
Good luck and happy riding